My interview in NotRandomArt magazine

| 06 April, 2017 15:26

I am pleased to share the latest review of my work in NotRandomArt. 
My work and interview can be found on pages 30 to 37. It's an interview about how and why I started painting and how my work arrived at where it is now.

Featured Artist on ARTSY SHARK, Artist Scott McIntire paints vivid, color-saturated images....

| 26 September, 2016 16:44 (More)


| 30 March, 2016 15:20

An exhibition of 44 artists from around the country. Happy to have my painting Locust Borer Beetle is included.

CENTRAL BOOKING, "INSECTA" • FEB 11 to MARCH 27, 2016 • 21 Ludlow St., NY, NY

| 23 January, 2016 17:14


I have 2 paintings in this Insect related group exhibit. Both are part of my #BackyardProject where I am recording all of the Mammals, Birds and Insects that show up in my 1/4 acre property on Long Island, New York. The flowers that I paint also come from my garden.

ROSALIE DIMON GALLERY, Oct 30, 2015 -Feb 3, 2016

| 22 January, 2016 21:38

Installation of 16 #EnergyFieldPaintings that deal with images from my #BackyardProject on Long Island, New York.

The two barn paintings are from additional Long Island, Northfork locations


| 19 October, 2015 18:08


| 19 October, 2015 17:54

Group show opening Oct 24 • 6:38-8:30 • ANN STREET GALLERY

104 Ann Street, Newburgh, NY.

Scott McIntire's Artist Profile in Hamptons ArtHub

| 05 August, 2015 11:53

Enamel on Canvas, 2013

My artist profile on the Hamptons ArtHub published July 21, 2015. Showing at the Peter Marcelle Projects, 4 North Main Street, Southampton • Opening Aug. 15, 6 to 8pm #EnergyFieldPaintings


"The Pollinator" in SciArt in America • August 2015

| 05 August, 2015 10:57

The Pollinator • 24" x 36" • Enamel on Canvas • 2015

This painting about the perils of the pollinator is part of SciArt's "The New Unconscious" exhibition. It shown in the SciArt in America magazine published August 2015.

See online version


Un-Natural Nature, a Virtual exhibition begin Nov. 2014

| 01 November, 2014 17:37

Fear of Fracking • 36" x 48" • Enamel on Canvas • 2014

Nature today is a push and pull between preservation and expansion. As urban sprawl continues to domineer, the organic world is transitioning from a natural occurrence to a corralled phenomenon. The man-made world reorients our perception, and nature is becoming less organic and more hyper-mediated. As nature gives way to a growing man-made jungle, how does this affect our reflection of the Sublime? "Un-Natural Nature" explores the ever-changing landscapes of a 21st-century world.   •  See more at:

"The Birds" at the Kenneth Paul Lasko Gallery, Sept 19 - Nov 15, 2014

| 13 September, 2014 19:16

"The Birds" • 12" x 36" • Enamel on Canvas • 2014

Cinema 05 is an exhibit of movie related artwork at the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland, OH. This years painting refers The Birds a 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Showing at Nurture Nature Center, Easton, PA, 11/4/14 to 1/24/15

| 12 September, 2014 16:39

Familiar Bluet on Bittersweet, 12” x 46.5”, Enamel on Wood, 2014

Part of my Dark Energy series this is a further exploration of the calligraphic possibilities the Bittersweet vine has to offer. This invasive vine stabilizes its upward growth by shooting out these long curling branches that wrap around other branches and often back on itself.


Catalogue for solo exhibit at Kenneth Paul Lasko Gallery, March 21st - May10th, 2014

| 15 March, 2014 10:21

Poppy Energy Field at Kenneth Paul Lasko Gallery, March 21st - May10th, 2014

| 29 January, 2014 14:36

Poppy Energy Field • 2013 • 36” x 41” • Enamel on Canvas


The Oriental Poppy found in my backyard always catches my attention and thus became the primary subject for this painting. As part of my Energy Field series the unseen cellular transmissions, the sounds in the yard and the garden smells become the secondary subject.

This painting will be shown March 21st to May 10th, 2014 at the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland, OH


Bagdad Cafe Energy Field at the Kenneth Paul Lasko Gallery, Sept 20 - Nov 9 2013

| 22 September, 2013 22:23

Landscape painting of Bagdad Cafe location

Bagdad Cafe Energy Field • 17.25" x 54" • Enamel on Birch Plywood

Cinema 04 is an exhibit of movie related artwork at the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland, OH. This is the 3rd time I have shown in the Cinema shows. This years painting is of the location where the movie "Bagdad Cafe" was shot. It's in the California desert on the old Route 66.