I work in both Brooklyn and Greenport, NY on paintings that visualize the unseen “energy fields” in and among natural and man-made elements that are part of my life and travels. While in my backyard garden I started examining the plants and insects and begin to realize that the surrounding air was filled with birds, tiny bugs, dust and pollen and also with smells, sounds and electro-magnetic energy. My concern about climate change, cellular transmissions, radio waves, sounds and human manipulation of our environment lead me to perceive the universe beyond human senses and make “the invisible visible”.


Studying industrial color with the master colorist Albert King at Center College of Design in California influenced my personal color palette from the beginning. Early in my career I produced a series of Op Art paintings. I now use optical illusions such as concentric circles, spiraling ovals and contrasting colors to convey the energy elements in my work. To achieve a higher chromatic brilliance and surface quality I am after I work in water-based Enamel paint. I often reinforce the importance of color by inserting color bars in many of my paintings.